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While we’re doing our best to keep up to changes (and expansions) in unemployment benefits, things continue to evolve every day.  To keep fresh, consider subscribing to the Employment Security Department’s updates roster:

Recent updates regarding temporary business shut downs, standby and partial employment options is available here:

Stay Tuned

We’re currently developing an inventory of lender resources and relief options for business loans as well as commercial and home mortgage borrowers. Findings will be posted here as soon as available.

Thurston County Business Hotline Up and Functioning

The Thurston Economic Development Council is processing an average of 40 calls per days from impacted businesses. The average call length is currently 30-minutes. Whether you have business questions about operating in challenging circumstances or accessing resources to get through the next several months, the Hotline is your first stop:


Emergency Loans and Grants Available for Small Businesses

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are eligible for an SBA loan, as are self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and sole proprietors. These loans, which are eligible for forgiveness, will be made by banks, credit unions and other lenders. Local businesses can learn more by visiting the SBA website at

Here’s a shortcut to SBA loan/grant application:

If you are a business considering one of these options, review this particularly helpful fact sheet to find out whether you qualify and understand how funds can be used: Small Business Fact Sheet.

*Please note, the forgivable loans offered through the Paycheck Protection Program are offered for up to $10 Million for qualifying businesses who maintain certain levels of employment.