Childcare Provider Grant Program


This grant fund is now closed. All applications received prior to Oct. 21 are under review and will be processed shortly.


The Thurston Childcare Grant Program offers acute funding support to childcare providers attempting to reopen or remain open under Governor Inslee’s Safe Start program. While there is insufficient funding to mitigate the full economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hopeful that small grants may provide at least some measure of support as providers open and learn to operate under considerably different circumstances and requirements.

All Thurston County childcare providers meeting eligibility requirements will be considered. The Thurston Economic Development Council will administer the program on behalf of Thurston Strong partners. Funding support is provided by local jurisdictions (Thurston County, Cities of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater). For technical assistance, contact our Business Hotline at 888-821-6652.


Expedite the safe and successful reopening of childcare providers impacted by COVID-19.


Eligible entities must have a physical location in Thurston County and supply a childcare license number.

Businesses owned by an employee, manager, officer, or elected official of any of the participating jurisdictions, or the Thurston Economic Development Council are ineligible.


Grant amounts will be issued based on provider size, ranging from $760 to $15,200 as shown below. These are one-time funds.
Licensed capacity Amount of Grant
6 to 8 $760
9 to 10 $950
11 to 12 $1,140
17 to 40 $3,800
41 to 60 $5,700
61 to 80 $7,600
81 to 100 $9,500
101 to 120 $11,400
121 to140 $13,300
141 to 160 $15,200
*Funding may NOT be used for expenses that have been or will be reimbursed by other federal funding programs (e.g. Economic Disaster Injury Loan or Payroll Protection Program)


  • Anything not associated with reopening or adapting a business that existed prior to March 1, 2020


None. But please be sure to let us know about any success stories so we can start sharing some good news with our broader community.


Applications received and reviewed on a rolling basis from inception until funding has been exhausted. Successful recipients will be notified by email or telephone as soon as possible.


The following table outlines the appeal process under different scenarios where a business has been selected for a funding award.

Reason for Rejection Appeal Process or Remedy
Declined due to business being of an ineligible type for SBA funding Applicant may seek reconsideration by providing proof that business is engaged in an eligible type of business. Reconsideration to be made by EDC.
Declined due to incomplete submission of necessary documents Applicant can seek reconsideration by providing required complete documents. If documents are not available, applicant may work with EDC to determine if alternative documents are available. Reconsideration to be made by EDC.
Declined due to EDC’s evaluation the grant request does not meet the grant criteria Applicant may seek reconsideration by the EDC by providing proof that business does meet the grant criteria.
Declined due to lack of available grant funding Applicant will be placed on a wait list pending the arrival of additional recovery funding (not guaranteed).